How does it work?

Our Virtual Reality headset, created by HTC uses infrared light emitted from their "Lighthouse" modules along with the "dot-like" patterns on the headset itself to track the near exact position of every inch of the headset and your virtual experience in real time.

For general consumers, this technology is more expensive, which is why we founded 6th Dimension, LLC. -- to bring it to the general Gallatin Valley/Bozeman populous at a reasonable price. Many people do not anticipate the costs related and we have had customers go out and buy their own Vive, only to find out they can't use it.

  • An HTC Vive (with Lighthouses and controllers) starts out being expensive.

  • Adding the cost of building or dedicating a room to the setup only continues to add.

  • The computer, or brains of most of this operation is the most expensive component. With today's graphics card prices (due to cryptocurrency mining, like Bitcoin) this is what often becomes the prohibiting factor.

We do also use the Oculus Rift for multiple setups, including our Racing and eventual Space Simulator setup. The Oculus uses another method of headset tracking that is similar to HTC's method, but generally uses less tracking points to achieve similar results.

Do you have games for children and people of all ages?

At any one point in time, we do have multiple games or experiences available for those who may sensitive to some of the more action packed content we are able to provide. Please ask in store to get exact details as to which games we recommend for the age group in question.

We do also offer experiences that are great for getting those in the prime of their lives in on the action, too! Some of our staff have had their own grandparents absolutely love the experience of Virtual Reality here in Bozeman, Montana.

Does my time start when my experience starts?

Don't worry! Your time will not be wasted by the setup process. We want you to get the most out of every penny spent during your time at 6th Dimension.